Actual Windows Manager 8.10 Crack + Full Download

Actual Windows Manager 8.10 Crack + Full Download

Actual Windows Manager 8.10 Crack is a multi-purpose Windows software. Actual Windows Manager 8.10 Full boot the functionality of any Windows app.

Actual Windows Manager 8.10 Crack + Full Download

It offers some utilities which help manage your desktop including placing windows in exact positions, resizing windows, keeping great windows “always on top,” making windows transparent and more.

Another interesting and compelling feature that Actual Window Manager offers is the possibility to customize the new and old buttons to fit specific applications. This means that you can have the ‘Minimize’ button behave in a certain way for Google Chrome and in a different way for Mozilla Firefox.

In closing, it’s safe to say that if you need to reinvent the way you use and manipulate windows, you can certainly try Actual Window Manager.

Actual Windows Manager 8.10 Crack + Full Download


  • Clipboard Manager – enhances Windows clipboard usefulness with two extra elements: Clipboard Templates and Clipboard History.
  • Desktop Divider – permits you to part the whole extensive desktop or every screen into a few non-converging ranges (tiles).
  • Document Folders – enhances Windows envelopes route including two other title catches.
  • Singular Settings for Each Window – permits you to set individual settings for carved window, shell, or program.
  • Various Monitors – enormously enhances your multi-screen environment including other entirely practical taskbars and other helpful apparatuses.
  • Extra Title Buttons – includes other catches, for example, minimize to a plate, remain on top, move up, and so on, to the title bar of every window.
  • Virtual Desktops – permits you to utilize boundless number of virtual desktops on one or a few

How To Install?

1: Install The Program

2: Copy Crack folder Content

3: Paste/Replace Copied file Into Software Default Install Directory

4: That’s It Enjoy Actual Window Manager 8


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