Renee Becca 2017 Full + Serial Key

Renee Becca 2017 Full + Serial Key

Renee Becca 2017 Full and Serial Key Free Download

Renee Becca 2017 Full is a safe information reinforcement programming, empowers you to support/reestablish your PC segment/record envelope/frameworviablely and naturally. Reinforcement framework will spare every one of your applications, client information, settings, .and so forth. Different reinforcement arrangements are accessible. A programmed reinforcement will be performed on the day you have set some time recently. The clone capacity can help you duplicate everything from a hard drive to an objective goal. In addition, 3 straightforward snaps can help you clone your Windows to another and bigger HDD or littler SSD. No need for any expert learning or plate introduction. Straightforward and culminate!

Features of Renee Becca 2017

Backup Your Files Continuously
• Backup your medias, email and other files. Support any storage devices, like USB, external hard drives.
• Set backups to run automatically whenever you want. Advanced VSS shadow technology can handle works while backups are underway.

Easily & Quickly Restore
• Losing an important file, or unable to boot the computer. Don’t worry, you can go back in time to recover it in 3 simple steps.
• See a timeline of all your backups, then preview and choose the file versions you want to restore.

Use Advanced Backup Routines
• Incremental or differential backups can capture changes since your last backup and save disk space. Automatically deleting old images can also save disk space.
• Using government-grade 256-bit AES encryption secures your backup files

Create a Complete Disk Image
• Backup and restore a complete disk image, not just files, but also OS, bookmarks, apps, .etc.
• Clone disk for hard drive upgrade and clone partition for massive data transfer.

Erase Hard Drive for Security
• Destroy all data on hard drives completely to prevent data from being recovered by any data recovery software.
• Supports 17 security standards DoD 5220.22-M.

Copy HDD to SSD
• Through transfering data from HDD to SSD or larger HDD, your PC will boot faster, launch apps quickly and get higher overall performances.

Stay on Optimum Perference
• To improve the stability and working efficiency, Renee Becca will automatically check server and upgrade when started.

Restore without Windows
• Unique Rescue CD which supports various PC systems can achieve restoring data without running Windows when system corrupts.

Multiple Backup Plans
• Renee Becca supports backups of system/partition/hard drive/documents/disk, which will fulfill your different needs.

Support Volume Shadow Copy Technology (VSS)
• You can still surf the Internet when Renee Becca is backing up your whole system.

Support Browsing Backup Image
• Improve recovery efficiency by
browsing inner documents of backup image.

Leading Backup Technology
• Automatically analyze differences between sauce and backup documents. Becca will save disk space by backing up the differences.

Speedy Backup Algorithm
• Advanced Algorithm can reach 3000MB per minutes, which will save your time.

Renee Becca 2017 Full + Serial Key


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