AMD Radeon RAMDisk Keygen + License Key

AMD Radeon RAMDisk Keygen with License Key creates a virtual power the use of the to be had foremost reminiscence (ram) to your pc. The overall performance of a ramdisk, in standard, is orders of significance faster than different types of storage media, consisting of an ssd (as much as 100x) and tough pressure (up to 200x).

The software program is designed to work with any amd or intel-based platform with as a minimum 512 mb ram and may be created the use of gadget ram now not already assigned to the o/s. Although ramdisk is software program, windows management treats it as a difficult disk drive.

AMD Radeon RAMDisk Keygen + License Key

Whether or not you have got a tough power or an ssd, your computer’s ram is it’s fastest garage medium by a wide margin. If you have as a minimum 4gb of reminiscence, you can use this pace for your benefit, turning a number of it right into a small ramdisk. This disk will appear to home windows as a completely functional storage drive that’s ready to maintain your maximum often used programs and launch them with lightning speed!

AMD Radeon RAMDisk Keygen isn’t a replacement on your modern drives, it’s a properly-wished necessity to assist boom their toughness. To make use of extra of your memory’s processing strength with radeon ramdisk, boom your reminiscence capability for a further improve in typical machine overall performance.

Dramatically hastens the loading and manner instances of video games, software suites and internet browsers. It affords quicker reading and writing speeds vs your difficult disk drive or an ssd. Revel in study overall performance up to 25600 mb/s with ddr3-1600mhz memory or even better with faster ram.

Changes in AMD Radeon RAMDisk

  • Automatic NTFS formating
  • Automatic assignment of Drive letter
  • Several minor fixes implemented
  • Added support for 12GB and 24GB licenses
  • Updated user’s manual
  • Features removed:

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