AV Voice Changer Diamond 9.5.12 Full Version With Crack

AV Voice Changer Diamond 9.5.12 Full Version With Crack

AV Voice Changer Diamond 9.5.12 Crack is a tool that modifies your voice pitch and sounds like a man if you are a woman and vice-versa. Quickly, you can twist your voice to take after that of a male or female VIP and government official, therefore making it unrecognizable to anybody on the Internet. Similar impacts can be connected for PC to telephone applications, so you can likewise trap companions when calling them on the telephone.

AV Voice Changer Diamond 9.5.12 Full Version:

AV Voice Changer 9.5.12 Key Software Diamond Edition incorporate correlation (where you can see the similitudes between your voice and another as far as sound, timbre and tone) and examination (where it shows a visual portrayal of your voice’s amicability, shine, pitch and score).

AV Voice Changer Diamond 9 Key Features :

  • Changes progressively the voice, either from a receiver, CD, line-in, or helper contribution, into many amazing females and male voices, animal, melodic and fiction sounds.
  • Transforms progressively the WaveOut and DirectX streams.
  • Has a lot of prepared to-utilize sound impacts and nickvoices.
  • Perfect with voice talk rooms, voice moment envoys, sound and video conferencing, and PC-to-telephone programs. You can mask your voice to be absolutely unknown on the Net.
  • Perfect for the standard sound recorders, sound players, CD and Karaoke players. With AV VCS DIAMOND, you can alter different voices, sound documents, sound impacts for your sound and video clasps and motion pictures, you can transform tunes or MP3 records and make your own particular collections.
  • Voice yield can be tweaked by setting the coveted adjustment.
  • Alongside the pitch calculation, an extra timbre moving calculation encourages you to change your voice into the far-reaching scope of top-notch new characteristic voices controlling the “age” and the “sexual orientation” of the voice yield.
  • AV VCS 4.0 DIAMOND can capture and change the chronicle as well as the playback and the DirectX sound streams. You can transform sound records, for instance, MP3 documents played on a sound player introduced on your framework.
  • You can include impacts from several modules prepared to-utilize sound impacts to an ongoing voice stream from an amplifier to a sound document, an MP3 structure, or a CD track played back on a sound player or CD player.
  • A blend of pitch/timbre, impacts, sound quality, leveling and voice adjustment settings is utilized for making new nickvoices that can be put something aside for sometime later.
  • AV VCS 5.0 DIAMOND has its own particular sound Recorder which makes it simple for you to record and spare your discussions, transformed voice messages, and in addition altered tunes.
  • AV VCS 5.0 DIAMOND has a worked in Voice Comparator – now you can transform your voice into the voice of acclaimed craftsman or vocalist.
  • Any of the sound codecs introduced on your framework can be utilized for recording the sound in a packed configuration. Likewise AV VCS DIAMOND has an arrangement of work in most prevalent sound codecs.
  • AV VCS 5.0 DIAMOND can consequently begin recording, produce names for new accounts, and spare them in the envelope that you have chosen.
  • AV VCS 5.0 DIAMOND has a worked in sound Player – you don’t need to change to another application to play back your main tune.
  • Enhanced realistic equalizer smoothes out the voice yield.
  • Pleasant looking skins.
  • In the default DIAMOND Hi-Fi skin, the pitch and timbre settings are chart spoken to permitting simpler tuning.
  • Simple to utilize standard Windows interface included.
  • Quick calculations.
  • Good with all adaptations of the Microsoft Windows working frameworks.


  • 1Gh compatible processor
  • 250MB Ram
  • Full Duplex Sound Card
  • Speakers

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